Placement Services

GEC Offshore.

GEC Offshore Placement Services International Ltd is one of the largest student recruiters to UK universities in Nigeria with internationally recognized network base.

A major strength of GEC Offshore placement services is that it operates not as a general recruitment agency, but has a close relationship with a select group of universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Hungary, Ireland, Malaysia, Cyprus, Caribbean etc. This ensures that the student receives the best possible advice and efficient processing of applications.

GEC Offshore Placement services Limited’s Areas of Expertise are:

  • University Placement
  • Services Educational Consultancy
  • Training and Development
  • Pre-University Courses in Nigeria
  • Visa Counselling
  • Scholarship, Bursary and Grant information
  • Vocational courses
  • UCAS centre
  • Career Services
  • Advisory services on how to secure educational loan from banks

University Placement Services

GEC Offshore Placement Services has developed to be one of the most active, innovative and well-respected organizations in the field of international university placements. GEC Offshore Placement Services Limited is able to meet the educational requirements of potential students across the full spectrum of academic subjects at first degree, master’s and doctoral levels

Over the years of existence GEC Offshore Services Limited has placed over 10,000 students into our partner universities.

GEC Offshore Services Limited has responded to the high demand for medical school places that cannot be met in the UK, by developing recruitment relationships with accredited medical colleges in other European countries.

The strength of GEC Offshore Placement Services in the recruitment field is based on the following principles.

  1. Tried and tested relationship with international universities from over 8 counties
  2. The establishing of relationships of confidence and trust with the local Embassy or High Commission.
  3. The careful and proper vetting of documentation for admission and visa applications.
  4. Staff training both in their own country and at the partner universities.
  5. Careful planning, and management of university visits for recruitment and promotional purposes

Visa counseling

GEC Offshore Placement Services Limited, over the years in Nigeria, has been consistently ranked as the number one student recruiter through our visa application success rate of 98% for the past 10 years. No wonder our clients call us the Visa Centre.

Training and Development

GEC Offshore Placement Services Limited, among its several achievements, is a professional partner of the Pearson PTE English Language Provider and also a UCAS center for Nigerian students looking forward to UK education.

Our training services are offered to industry, commerce, government and local government agencies and educational institutions. This service includes

  1. Need analysis – the identification of training requirements
  2. Short courses to meet specific needs of all management level

The delivery of these courses is supported by the expertise available in the GEC Academy IC partner universities.

Educational Consultancy

The consultancy services build on the expertise of senior GEC Offshore Placement Services staff in the field of education management. This expertise is offered to provide clients and government departments wishing to establish or develop colleges of higher education or develop activities within a higher education institution. These areas include:

  1. Advice on the design and establishing of new institutions.
  2. The design of education management system
  3. The planning and design of effective recruitment operation
  4. Marketing planning and implementation
  5. Staff recruitment and development
  6. Curriculum design and delivery
  7. The setting up of franchise and other collaborative arrangements

UCAS Centre for UK Universities

GEC Offshore Placement Services Limited is approved by the Universities Central Admission Service (UCAS) to have direct online application for its students. This allows its students to have a central point to find out at what stage of the process their application is with the Universities that they have applied to.


  1. Students currently studying in Nigeria Universities, College or Polytechnics can be considered for transfer, minimum of six credits into our partner Universities abroad.
  2.  Students with a 2:2 degree are accepted into our Universities for postgraduate’s studies.
  3. HND or 3rd Class Degree holders can register for our pre-masters Courses for a semester to qualify them for postgraduate and MBA programs into foreign Universities.
  4. Over 100-degree programmes to choose for September and January/February Start.
  5. Accommodation guaranteed in University Halls of Residence.
  6. Foundation Courses for students without ‘A’ Levels.
  7. Visa success 98% for all countries
  8. Regular visits by our partner universities here in Nigeria.
  9. Admission procedure fast and very efficient.