GEC Academy


GEC Academy International Programmes aims to provide education that is sound, robust and grounded in the latest teaching and practices and that prepares its students for the challenges in the global economy. Our programmes are specifically designed to prepare and provide your child with relevant academic qualifications that help to facilitate prospecting student’s admissions into universities overseas.

The International Degree Foundation Programme is a one-year programme tailored to prepare students for entry into universities abroad for courses in Business Management/Studies, computing, Engineering, Arts, Social Sciences and Sciences. There is an emphasis on the need to equip the students with knowledge of communication skills and information technology and our college has a special consideration for these subjects.

This programme is designed to enable prospective students to gain admission into medical schools abroad to study medical-related courses like health science, public health science, dentistry, nursing, biological sciences, etc. It is a one-year programme and its successful completion guarantees the students of a place in our partner universities, particularly University of Debrecen, in Hungary.

This programme targets students wishing to proceed to study for their master’s degree courses but lacked the required qualification that meets the entry requirement of the universities abroad. Hence, a student with a third-class or an HND, who wishes to study abroad, will be able to achieve his aim through this programme that is fashioned to harness his qualification to a level where he is considered for admission into our partner universities. The programme is a one-semester (4-month) programme and it prepares students for admission to pursue courses in computing and business management.

This is one of the most traditional entrance examinations in the UK. It is on two levels and it is run for a period of two years. The first half of the level is the Advanced Subsidiary (‘AS’), which is a qualification programme on its own. Here, a total of three or four subjects are taken for the study in one year, and at the end of it, an ‘AS’ level examination will be taken.

The second year of the programme concentrates on three subjects of which an ‘A’ level examination will be taken at the end of the programme.We also do fast track 1 year Cambridge A level which is all about A’level curriculum in one whole academic year.

This is similar to our (Nigerian) ‘O’level examinations like WAEC, GCE and NECO. It is one of the most recognized examinations in the world today and it is taken at the end of the High School education.

It is a one-year programme of which an examination in each of the subjects is taken at the end of the programme. With the certificate you can be admitted for the IDFP, IMFP, ‘AS’ level and ‘A’ level programmes.

We also run the Proficiency Aptitude Test Programmes, comprising:

  • TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language
  • PTE- Pearson Test Of English
  • And IELTS

We have also programmes like:

  • GMAT- Graduate Management Aptitude Test
  • SAT- Scholastic Aptitude test
  • GRE- Graduate Record Examination