GEC Academy

GEC Academy Business School.

Despite all that Nigerians and the Nigerian education system have been called, do you know that Nigeria is the 4th largest country in the world with the most medical doctors?

Nigerians are great learners and that you know; once the situation is right, they would want to pursue academic laurels and would go any length to achieve that honorably! It is because of this that GEC ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL and its management is introducing a business school- GEC ACADEMY BUSINESS SCHOOL.

This is being done through our relationship with NCC and Edexcel, who have provided a platform for that because of our partnership with them. Bearing in mind the nature of the target learners our business school qualification is built on the following features :

  • Flexibility
  • Quality
  • Value for money
  • Designed for UK and International learners.
  • Guaranteed Strong progression routes


Given our successes, considering the number of students through our programmes has gained admissions into foreign universities, GEC Academy International reputes to be one of the best sixth-form colleges in the country. In the past 12 years, about 10000 students have been placed into our partner universities in the UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Australia, Mauritius, Dubai, Cyprus, Slovakia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Ghana, Nigeria and India.

We have a staff of well-trained teachers with expert knowledge in the relevant programmes and courses and their teaching method is modern and effective. Our programmes are validated by one of the most valuable validating bodies in the UK, EDEXCEL. We are also in professional partnership with the Pearson Test of English (PTE); one of the best English Language Test required by the UKBA for the students’ visa.

Our business school is built around Level 7 of the NCC and BTEC of the Edexcel in the following areas :

  1. Masters preparation in Business
  2. Masters preparation in Information Technology
  3. Pre-masters in Business
  4. Pre-masters in Information Technology
  5. Undergraduate top up option for Business, IT and Computing through the University of Central Lancashire.
  6. Edexcel BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strtegic Management and Leadership in
  7. Award
  8. Certificate
  9. Diploma
  10. Extended Diploma all in strategic management and Leadership.

After qualification, With Top-up course program in less than a term at most, learners can proceed to get their and MBA here or abroad.

Offers guaranteed progression for students with suitable work experience onto the University of Northampton’s online top up MBA Programs for progression in the UK to :

  • Msc in management or MBA with the University of Worcester ( it requires only 2 weeks in the UK)
  • Birmingham City University- MBA on campus top up
  • University of Gloucestershire- MSC in Business Administration or MBA on campus top up.

It guarantees progression on completion of the level 7 Diploma in strategic Management/ Business/  IT onto the University of Hertfordshire’s online top up :

  1. The University of Gloucestershire for in Computing Specialist option.
  2. The University of Greenwich for in Information Systems Management.
  3. The University of Cambridge
  4. The University of Oxford
  5. The University of York
  1. A unique login details and security password to our resource bank
  2. Access to customer support team via a dedicated email and telephone helpline;
  3. Important emails regarding course schedules and key dates;
  4. Comprehensive University progression route information for all successful candidates;
  5. Invitation to attend workshops for learners, instructors, etc for development purposes;
  6. Free access to Turnitin anti plagiarism software which is used by major Universities;
  7. Bi- annual magazine.
  1. At 24 hours a day and 365 days a year;
  2. Extensive teaching and learning materials to ensure candidates receive lectures which directly correlates to the syllabus;
  3. Presentations, handbooks, videos and study tips;
  4. Access to our digital library for students and teachers providing a range of programs to support academic programs;
  5. Good academic support providing centers with curriculum advice and guidance; with regular examination and moderation reports.
  6. Good account management from dedicated customer service executives to centers;
  7. Dedicated business development managers to offer guidance on regional trends and opportunities for growth;
  8. Access to a network of over 50 Universities top ensure candidates receive excellent progression opportunities;
  9. Regular updates and reminders regarding examinations and key date schedules;
  10. Plus dedicated marketing support to help advise students
  11. Exclusive invitation to events across the world.