C.E.O Mrs PetersGEC Academy from its inception a couple of years back has gone through so many positive transformations. We started small, but to the glory of God, we are growing in every area. However, we could not have been able to achieve this without the support of our quality teachers, staff, parents and most especially our students. Right from the time that our first set of students walked through our doors, the growth the institutions witnessed has been tremendous. We are therefore so proud that our pioneer students are doing so well in their chosen Universities abroad.

The journey has not been easy though, the road was rough, we experienced so many obstacles, but ultimately the results we are seeing today is worth any challenge we must have gone through. I once again give kudos to our parents and guardians who have always listened to us, have always Paid their bills and attended whatever meetings or events that were initiated. I thank our parents once again for Living up to expectation of providing sound and qualitative education for their wards and also for believing in this vision and standing by us

The vision of GEC Academy is to provide world class education to our students. Our commitment is to nurse, nurture and produce well educated and well rounded students. We are also committed to train and produce ethically and morally sound students who will be useful to themselves, their Families, the nation and the world at Large. I am proud to say that our students fall into this category. They are a crop of well behaved ladies and gentlemen, who will surely become our future leaders. We are so proud that together we have been able to achieve this feat.

From our modern and air conditioned classrooms to our up to date Laboratories, experienced teachers, and comfortable accommodation, GEC Academy is poised to give our students total quality education.

A direct departure from glorification of certificates, as meal tickets. We will not rest on our oars in bringing this quality education to our students. In our bid to make our students well rounded, they are involved in various extracurricular activities such as swimming, football and other various sports. Because we believe that all work and no play makes any student dull. Without leaving God out of the equation also, we ensure that our students attend church services on Sundays with the supervision of our able staff. Because we believe that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Our IDFP programme being offered at GEC Academy is surely a fast track, direct route and higher quality Foundation courses that guarantee qualified students access to reputable Universities worldwide. At the moment most of our graduating students today have been given offers in UK, Canadian and Hungarian Universities.

Mrs. Josephine Peters

Director Admission and Marketing.