Advanced Level Programme (A’ Level)

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Starts: 01 September, 2015
Duration : 1 Year
Instructors: Advanced Level Programme (A’ Level)
Phone : +234 803 318 7302
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This is one of the most traditional entrance examinations in the UK. It is in two levels and it is run for a period of two years. The first half of the level is the Advanced Subsidiary (‘AS’), which is a qualification programme on its own. Here, a total of three or four subjects are taken for the study in one year, and at the end of it, an ‘AS’ level examination will be taken.

The second year of the programme concentrates on three subjects of which an ‘A’ level examination will be taken at the end of the programme. We also do fast track 1 year Cambridge A level which is all about A’level curriculum in one whole academic year.