About GEC Academy

The need to provide education that is sound, robust and grounded in the latest teaching and practices and that prepares it’s for the challenges in the global economy. To develop leadership qualities that are grounded and groomed not only on progressive teaching but that are also based on sound mortal values that can benefit the wider society. Based on this aims and in furtherance of guaranteed pathway to international universities is how GEC Academy came into existence as the very best sixth form colleges in the country committed to training and producing ethically and morally sound students who will be useful to themselves, their families, the nation and the world at large.

GEC Academy International is the preferred sixth form college of choice, currently located at 48 Saka Tinubu, Victoria Island, Lagos State and as private education institution established by Mrs. Peters Josephine Udeh. Our experience for over 12 years running career placement services and international foundation programmes in Nigeria has placed us in high demand in securing over 7,000 students into our partner universities(over 22 of them) in: USA, UK, CANADA, HUNGARY, GERMANY, GHANA, DUBAI, MALAYSIA, SWITZERLAND, INDIA, CYPRUS, CZECH REP., INDIA and NIGERIA after successful completion of our listed programmes.